About M-Ablode

What is M-Ablode

M-Ablode is creating employment by giving global businesses access to an on-demand and scalable workforce in Africa via a mobile micro-working platform. M-Ablode is a collaboration between EDEL Technology Consulting and United States African Development Fund(USADF). [Ablodé] is an ewe word spoken by the Fon-Ewe people originating from Ghana, Benin and Togo meaning Freedom or Independence. The ‘M’ stands for Mobile. M-Ablode is about Freedom for Organizations that need to crowdsource tasks for quick delivery and for skilled labour who want financial independence.

Why we built M-Ablode

We have two main reasons for building M-Ablode:

1. In 2050, 40% of the world’s total workforce will be in Africa!

The African continent’s labour force will be 1 billion strong by 2040, making it the largest in the world, surpassing both China and India (McKinsey Global Institute, 2010). In Africa, youth unemployment occurs at a rate more than twice that for adults. Youth account for 60% of all Africans unemployed (World Bank). We want to be part of the solution by providing a platform that bring the jobs and the employers together.

2. Because we were frustrated and we needed a solution too!

As a Manager, our CEO Ethel Cofie wishes she had more than 24 hours in day. Part of her job is doing competitor analysis for EDEL Technology Consulting. Sadly, she cannot hire someone fulltime for that single task, as she only needs it once a quarter. The Concept of M-Ablode was borne out of the frustration of finding easy, inexpensive skills to do the quarterly competitor Analysis she needs. Charles lives in London and is of Nigerian descent. He has 2 shops in Nigeria where he sells diapers. He constantly worries about making sure the customer experience given by his shop managers is just as he expects of them. He is getting frustrated about the situation and wonders if he could ask perfect strangers to walk into his shop and write down their experience so he can ensure that his team is giving the best service.

Type of tasks a user can perform on M-Ablode

Your Need M-Ablode provides labour to...
1. Do you struggle with consistently providing blog posts and material for your social media channels but not ready to hire someone full time?
  • + Write articles or blogs
  • + Tag texts for sentiment analysis
  • + Review articles
  • + Proofread
  • + Interacting with social media content(like/follow/comment)
2. Do you need user generated images for your work?
  • + Design logos
  • + Design posters
  • + tag images for improved search.
  • + Solicit for authentic images
3. Do you have loads of printed material that need to be transcribed? + Transcribe document information
4. Web Information search: Looking to boost your online search relevancy? Want to boost your online presence?
  • + Extract meta tags from web-pages (Search Engine Optimization)
  • + Perform search relevance classification (e.g., comparing two search engine results relative to its relevancy to a search query)
  • + Search for key words
  • + Extract information from given websites
5. Products: Do you need help labelling stock for your online shop or even need help in simply categorizing?
  • Tag products
  • Assign products to categories
6. Are you a Tech Entrepreneur building a product?
  • + Test your online platform feedback
  • + Test your mobile App and provide feedback
  • + Feedback on you marketing material and videos
7. Do you need market research or competitor analysis for your organisation
  • + Take Surveys
  • + Conduct Surveys
  • + Retail Mystery Shopping
  • + Competitor Analysis

Services especially for Non-Profit

Your Need M-Ablode provides labour to…
1. Are you a Non Profit looking to ensure local content on your project?
  • + Create audio announcements
  • + Perform local Language Translation
  • + Verify if text meets purpose
2. Geographical Mapping
  • + Acquire information (e.g., GPS data, geo information)
  • + Verify certain geo-information