M-Ablode Support Resources

A. M-Ablode helps you to allay your worries when it comes to simple but recurring jobs that need to be taken care of in your daily office life.

Not only the corporates; a special target group, Non-profits are also catered for on M-Ablode.

Below is a list of things you can get done on M-Ablode

Your Need M-Ablode provides labour to...
1. Do you struggle with consistently providing blog posts and material for your social media channels but not ready to hire someone full time?
  • + Write articles or blogs
  • + Tag texts for sentiment analysis
  • + Review articles
  • + Proofread
  • + Interacting with social media content(like/follow/comment)
2. Do you need user generated images for your work?
  • + Design logos
  • + Design posters
  • + tag images for improved search.
  • + Solicit for authentic images
3. Do you have loads of printed material that need to be transcribed? + Transcribe document information
4. Web Information search: Looking to boost your online search relevancy? Want to boost your online presence?
  • + Extract meta tags from web-pages (Search Engine Optimization)
  • + Perform search relevance classification (e.g., comparing two search engine results relative to its relevancy to a search query)
  • + Search for key words
  • + Extract information from given websites
5. Products: Do you need help labelling stock for your online shop or even need help in simply categorizing?
  • Tag products
  • Assign products to categories
6. Are you a Tech Entrepreneur building a product?
  • + Test your online platform feedback
  • + Test your mobile App and provide feedback
  • + Feedback on you marketing material and videos
7. Do you need market research or competitor analysis for your organisation
  • + Take Surveys
  • + Conduct Surveys
  • + Retail Mystery Shopping
  • + Competitor Analysis

Services Especially for Non Profits

Your Need M-Ablode provides labour to…
1. Are you a Non Profit looking to ensure local content on your project?
  • + Create audio announcements
  • + Perform local Language Translation
  • + Verify if text meets purpose
2. Geographical Mapping
  • + Acquire information (e.g., GPS data, geo information)
  • + Verify certain geo-information

A. A task is simply a job you post on M-Ablode for registered users to perform.

To create a new task

  • 1. Click on the ‘create task tab’ on your dashboard after you have logged in
  • 2. Fill the new task form with all details of the task you want to create and save
  • 3. Now, you should see your newly created task in the list of available tasks on the platform

A. A campaign in M-Ablode is a group of related tasks that a user posts as one. It is usually a huge job broken down into smaller related tasks expected to be completed over a specific period.

To create a campaign

  • 1. Click on the ‘create campaign’ tab on your dashboard after you have logged in
  • 2. Fill the form provided and save
  • 3. You should now see the summary of campaigns you have created. You should be able to edit and make changes where necessary to any of the campaigns

A. Each task that you submit goes into pending mode. This means that it will be awaiting approval from the user who originally posted the task.

Once this user approves the task you have performed as being done to specification, your account will be credited with the reward for that task.

Approvals and account credits happen within 7 days of performing a task. Payments are made on the 21st of each month.